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Filipina dating websites, how can you recognize fake photos scammers use to bait foreign men
Dating sites where foreigners can find Filipina girls are getting very popular and thus attracting also scammers who are aware that an American or European man is a lot more susceptible to be scammed. These scammers use photos of Filipina stars, celebrities and models and are hiding behind them.
Beautiful photos of pretty Asian girls get your attention
In a reflex, foreigners from the United States or Europe will easily send a like seeing an extremely eye-catching Filipina photo. Now they got your attention. You receive a short message, often a very short hello and communication has started. Pay attention to copy/paste messages, sending a complete self-introduction letter, which is an easy way for them to show that they are interested in you and want to start dating.
If it’s a genuine Filipina that’s also seeking for love, you should be able to genuinely exchange messages. However, if it’s just a spammer who only intend to rip-off you by hiding behind a Filipina photo, you should know some signs:
- You don´t get a reply on your questions
- Repeatedly general non specific talk. “hi, how are you?”, “I like your profile”…
- Only 1 profile photo (though quite some genuine girls post also 1 photo only)
- In their first or second message they want to talk on another platform like Skype.
- Too good to be true. If you´re a not too handsome 65 year old obese man and a 20 year old model is very interested in you… Though it is very common young Filipina really fall in love with much older ordinary looking men, everything has a limit.
- A typical genuine Filipina girl will not propose nude photos or talk (much) about sex.

Don´t get discouraged though! With some common sense you will have a good online dating experience. The Pinaheart dating website has installed automatic and manual procedures to filter out as much as possible scammers. In the offline world there are however also people with not the best intentions.

Common sense is key here:
When you have exchanged quite a number of messages, the next should always be to do some video chatting. Ask personal questions during a video call, pay attention to their lifestyle, family and friends. A typical Filipina girl will not video chat from a hotel room. Don´t be scared when you´re confronted with her bad looking house or shelter; the Philippines are a very poor country and most girls don´t have the funds to even buy normal luxury goods.

Read more about poverty in the Philippines. And a Unicef report.

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